Carpet removal


Carpet removal is a necessary process

Not every flooring company will handle carpet removal and disposal as part of their flooring installation services. In these situations, our company can take care of the process for you, giving you the peace of mind you deserve as you move into your new remodeling experience. Below we'll discuss a few things about our carpet removal services and what they can mean for you and your new flooring experience.

What to know about carpet removal

Carpet flooring isn't a product you can easily pull up and toss out for the trash collector as you can with so many other materials. However, removing old carpet leaves you with a product that's not easy to recycle unless you contact the manufacturer or a local specialized recycling facility.

The process of carpet disposal is necessary before your new flooring can be installed.
Before carpeting can be removed, all doors must be removed, including bathrooms and closets, if they connect to a carpeted room. Next, all furniture must be removed from the rooms, including wall hangings and free-standing art pieces. Finally, we’ll remove shoe moldings and baseboards to have complete access to all the carpet edges for free removal.

Our experienced carpet removal team will remove your old floors and take care of the underpadding underneath, including the subfloor prep. This part of the service includes removing small tacks, staples, and tack strips to ensure the new flooring installation goes smoothly from start to finish. If you have questions about this service or any of the steps, we have the answers you need, so contact us for a consultation at your convenience.



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We'll remove and dispose of your carpet

Zippy Floor Removal is a flooring removal company that specializes in the entire process of removing any floor covering. We further include surface preparation after removing old carpet for commercial and residential customers, whether your old flooring was glued down, nailed down, or floated. We work with commercial customers like malls, retail outlets, hotels, and residential clients, including condos and large multiplexes.

Our floor removal company is based in Tampa, FL, covering Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties, including the communities of Tampa, FL, Lutz, FL, Land O' Lakes, FL, Brandon, FL, Riverview, FL, and Clearwater, FL. If you need your floors removed, we invite you to contact us to share your preferences and needs and allow us to earn your business. We aim to move you smoothly from carpet removal into your new flooring installation service, so contact us today.